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Nine French Skincare Brands Every Beauty Devotee Needs To Know

The beauty associated with French women has made the headlines on beauty magazines and TV shows. Owing to this, research on top French skincare brands has intensified in the past years. Beauty devotees are curious to know about the different French cosmetics available in the market and who makes them.  In this article, we feature nine French skincare brands every beauty devotee ought to know about. Keep reading to discover these brands and more on what each one has to offer.


A dermatologist who specializes in Skin pathologies started this leading French skincare brand. From his ambition to create skincare products, a whole range of French cosmetics has been manufactured. This has been passed on between generations and the products have attracted recommendations from the chemists and make-up professionals. The beauty products manufactured by the company leave the skin well nourished and moisturized. The company uses formulations that provide essential care to the skin and leaves you looking healthy and younger. Embryolisse manufactures products that are effective and highly tolerant. Today, the company has grown to become an international brand with its footprints in different regions across the globe, including the Middle East, America, and greater European region.


Nuxe laboratories believe that all women are incredible. The French beauty products company continues to be a leader in different major beauty segments providing anti-aging skincare. The Nuxe dry oil is best for visibly enhancing the body, face, and hair. They manufacture skin hydrating creams, French anti-aging beauty products, and French hydrating face cream. Nuxe specializes in whole family beauty products suitable for different skin types. Each beauty product manufactured by Nuxe is a real joy to use, offering sumptuous textures and an enchanting aroma. Each product is manufactured to provide an appealing effect featuring 95% natural ingredients.


For over 270 years, Avene continues to focus on manufacturing of beauty products that are rooted in dermatology and hydrotherapy. This leading French cosmetics manufacturer has earned trust from millions of customers worldwide. Their products feature the thermal spring water which has a natural soothing source and proven clinically as the best product. Avene manufactures products meant to soften, calm and soothe the skin. through sterile cosmetics, the company has been able to completely eliminate the preservatives and the substances that have incidental preservation functions. Avene believes that nature and its virtues hold a significant effect when it comes to skincare.


The company manufactures one of the most purchased French cosmetics. Offering essential oil-infused and aromatic complexion treatment, their beauty products will definitely leave you feeling relaxed and radiant. The company uses natural ingredients featuring rosemary, mint, and rose work to help in skin toning, ensure a balanced appearance while soothing the skin. The grape extracts clarify and refresh the skin, hence making these products ideal for a long-lasting and smooth finish. Caudalie brightening serum is a top rated product from the company and boasts a natural ingredient making it more effective.


Invented in France in the mid 19th century, Collosol provides exceptional benefits to the skin. Their products are widely known as the best for removing makeup and eliminating fatigue, offering a soothing effect. Featuring a unique half-water, half-milk preparation and a subtle fragrance, their beauty products come with an incomparable gentleness to the skin. For many years, Collosol remains part of the beauty ritual for French women. The soothing properties found in Collosol beauty products, help to sell the French cosmetic products even without advertising.


Talika manufactures living products with a date of birth, and a reason for being. Their products are made out of research and use natural ingredients. Since 1948, the company manufactures beauty products that naturally allow women to radiate their natural beauty at every stage of life. Featuring a blend of essential oils that include rose, safflower, avocado, and wheat germ, Talika is well known for the effectiveness to reduce skin inflammation and eliminates puffiness along the delicate skin around the eyes. Talika works effectively and it is absorbed into the skin within a short period leading to a fresher more awake look. The hydrating formula softens skin lashes while encouraging follicle growth.


Filorga is known for the super perfecting radiance skincare properties, helping French women to realize a perfect beauty while retaining the natural skin look. Therefore, even without resulting in heavy makeup, the Filorga products will help to restore your skin. A thin layer of Filorga night mask is effective for skin cleansing helping to improve the eye contour area and neck area.


Bioderma laboratories is a French pharmaceutical company manufacturing special medication for dermatological and scalp conditions. Used as a post-cleanse toner, Bioderma will wipe away the remaining traces of toxins and the skin impurities. Bioderma manufactures wonderful beauty products. The brand has experienced major breakthroughs in the market, thanks to the innovative products manufactured under the French skincare brand.


For over five decades, the company has continually worked on creating respectful products that benefit the whole family. The beauty products are suitable for all different skin types. Featuring supportive botany, the beauty brand remains committed to the botanical foundation. Use Klorane French beauty products for dry skin, normal, oily, sensitive, and mixed skin types. It is perfect for removing wrinkles and clearing an uneven skin tone.

Now, you know the top French skincare brands for your skin type. These makers of the best French cosmetics can be purchased online in the US or from a local French pharmacy.