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How To Choose Your Baby’s Clothes?

When shopping for baby clothes, you want to make sure your little one is comfortable and safe in the outfit. Also, it is important that you have all the style and comfort in each garment you wear. With so many styles, brands, and fabrics of baby clothes on the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

To make shopping for children’s clothing more enjoyable, we’ve listed the 5 most important factors to consider when shopping for baby clothes. We hope to help you make a smart and informed decision about creating that first wardrobe for this little one. His early years are very special.

Things To Consider When Choosing Children’s Clothing

Fabric Material

Some babies start to get rashes and other skin irritations. Many times the fabric of the clothing is the culprit. Babies, especially newborns, have very sensitive skin. Therefore, when buying their clothes, most parents prefer to choose pieces made of cotton. However, there are also alternatives such as soy-based fabrics that are sustainable and silky smooth, perfect for baby clothes.

So our recommendation would be to consider fabrics like cotton and silk, especially organic cotton. These fabrics have good properties to fit well in baby clothes, the best example you can see here for this one that called palm angels hoodie.

On the other hand, avoid bright colors as they may contain fluorescent agents. Baby clothes made from materials such as nylon and polyester can cause skin sensitivity and discomfort due to their inability to absorb moisture and regulate babies’ body temperature, so they should be avoided.


When shopping for baby clothes, safety is essential and is sometimes overlooked. Every year, millions of children’s clothing items are recalled for failing to meet safety standards. Therefore, it is vital to buy baby clothes that do not cause problems.

Do not buy baby clothes with decorations such as bows, buttons, flowers and hooks because they can cause a suffocation hazard. If a piece is to contain decorations, they must be firmly attached.

When shopping for baby sleepwear, choose ones that are made from flame-resistant (chemically treated) or form-fitting fabrics to protect babies from burns. This is particularly applicable to baby sleepwear sizes 9-14 months, as babies are very mobile during this stage.

Size of Garments

Buying a dress for your baby and discovering that he is too small is a disappointment. Make sure you buy clothes that fit well and are true to size. The right size is not only comfortable, but also allows the baby to move easily. Babies grow at a surprisingly fast rate, so take care to keep growth rate in mind when shopping.

6 tips on buying clothes for your baby

Most clothes have standard measurements to guide you if you’re not sure what size will fit your baby. However, keep in mind that these are general guidelines and very often babies fall between sizes. If you can’t decide on sizes, our recommendation is always to buy the largest size to compensate for growth spurts.

Style and Functionality

When buying clothes for your baby, you should consider their functionality. Newborns will spend most of the day sleeping, so definitely choose something comfortable, such as a kimono-style jumpsuit, romper, sleeping bag, baby socks, or a robe.

Likewise, don’t spend too much on clothes your baby will hardly ever wear, like formal wear. One or two sets for special occasions are enough. For newborns, limit the amount of newborn-sized clothing because, as we mentioned earlier, babies grow fast.

Finally, choose clothes that are easy to wash and that can withstand multiple washes. Since babies must be changed several times a day. Usually after a feeding or diaper change. Therefore, buy clothes that require an easy washing process.

Quality-Price Ratio

When shopping for baby clothes, don’t go for the lowest price. We talked about how fast babies grow and how sensitive their skin can be, buying high-quality clothes will give you peace of mind. Choose quality over quantity. There are many carefully designed and affordable baby clothes. Parruliños offers high-quality baby clothing collections at affordable prices that make dressing your baby a breeze.

After considering all of the above factors, we hope that some of the tips and reminders will be helpful in choosing the ideal outfit for your baby. Likewise, you can always get advice in the store about the optimal quality, size and style for your baby.