Best Of The Big Apple

Best Of The Big Apple

Ah, Ports 1961…your designer went to India. I get it! Some of the looks were knock-me-over-the-head Subcontinent style, but others – like this chic take on the shalwar kameez – offered a more subtle interpretation of traditional garments. Looks like massive, loopy scarves aren’t going anywhere soon, either.

Vivienne Tam, you silly girl. Now this is the kind of look I expected to see from you last September! Glad to see you’re back in form with a series of form-fitting, brightly colored dresses, suits, and separates that effortlessly translate your Asian heritage and influence for a modern woman of the world. Perhaps now I’ll forgive you for that unfortunate HP laptop…

Isaac Mizrahi! How the runway has missed you. Sure, you had hats resembling handbags and slippers paired with slipdresses, combined with what looked very much to me like Versace sunglasses, but somebody needs to subvert the dominant paradigm, no? Your sense of color is beyond compare and I really, really, really want the cardigan and coat in your Winter 2019 show.

Ooh, la, la, Donna Karan. You’ve outdone yourself this season. We all know you can drape jersey fabric in your sleep, and that you made the term “cold shoulder,” something positive, but who knew you could do both and add a belt for an altogether fresh fall look? I’m really digging those chunky necklaces, too.

Finally, maybe it’s because we have the same birthday. Or maybe it’s because his were the first “designer” pieces I ever bought at Goodwill and consignment stores. Or maybe it’s because he just makes everything look so darn cool. But I love Ralph Lauren. I know, I know – commercialism, selling out, blah-blah-blah. I don’t care. I love his ensembles. The look above perfectly embodies his signature mixing of delicate fabrics with heavier ones, prints with patterns, dressing up with dressing down. It is perfection.